What Do I Eat

Chinese cuisine is famous for its diversity, and after arriving to China, you'll find a huge variety of small (and not only) restaurants scattered throughout the city. In such places, dishes contain usually rice or noodles with a variety of vegetable and meat additives (8-15 yuan price). The choice in front of you will not be small. In addition, daily meals, itself, can be found a lot of exotic and branded proposals, including the famous Peking duck, which is in his homeland several times cheaper than in the abroad.
Many foreigners also had in mind the dish Huaguo (火锅)(Hot Pot), which is a kind of soup. You are given only pot of broth and you can choose what will be cooked in it (the price of 30 yuan). Another popular and relatively native dish  are the kebabs, As a rule, the Chinese kebabs are very small so buy a  dozen of them, Price range, from 1 yuan or more, depending on the size and type of kebab, roasted on coals you can have pork, beef,lamb, and chicken, and various vegetables.
Newcomers should definitely visit the Wangfujing (王府井) Street, where you can find a variety of exotic food, including grasshoppers, scorpions, snakes, starfish, and so on. But do not be naive  that it is common for locals food. The Chinese just come to gawk and take pictures with all this "yummy" things.
Chinese food is not for everyone. Many just do not like it, or not familiar. China  gives a solution to the problem. The city is full of restaurants and fast food foreign origin. At Beijing  there is no problem to find a MacDonald's, KFC, Papa Jones and other famous brands. For all missing on the cheese, cottage cheese,bread and other Western products, there are supermarkets of imported products such as Food Market, Jenny Lou's, 7-11 and others. So starving to death will not be easy.
The good news is that we guarantee that each of our teacher receives a free lunch every day at work, because it immediately make life easier.