JayRay invites you to read carefully Terms and Conditions to sign a proper contract. We think that clear agreements will lead to a long friendship.

All the following Terms and conditions are valid for all programs booking made with JayRay.


General Conditions

-         Candidates must be over 23 years old.

-         Participants must respect the Terms of the contract, the rules and regulation of host organizations.

-         Candidates are expected to show respect for the host country custom and culture.

-         Participants have to assume full responsibility for his/her own behavior. Any drugs consume or forbidden chemicals substances will be not tolerated.

-         During them stay participants are subjected to local laws, rules, policy and regulation. Is participant’s responsibility to be informed about laws of the “People Republic of China”.

-         JayRay reserves the right to dismiss from the program any Participants whose conduct threatens to interfere with the right or well being of the community of the host organizations, or any other person.

-         JayRay reserves the right to refuse or suspend any participants.


Privacy Policy

The data received by JayRay will be used for purposes related to research training. Only you will be able to examine the data received. Any other use of the data received will be forbidden.



Will be sent an electronic copy of the contract to the participant. It must be signed and sent before the arrival.

The contract takes effect upon the Candidate’s acceptance of  Terms and Conditions.The client shall be asked to sign a hard copy set of these forms upon the arrival.

Terms and Conditions