1,Visa assistance. In order to receive the proper visa to do an internship or teaching in China, all applicants must have an invitation letter from the sponsoring company. Our company will send you the invitation letter for you to use in the application process.


2.Airport pick-up.  Welcome to China! Arriving in a country far away from home can be daunting, especially if you’re alone. We will meet you in the airport to take you to our company to meet our people.


3. Welcome package. We want you to hit the ground running in China and make your transition away from home as smooth as possible. Your Welcome Package Includes:, city map, SIM  card for your mobile phone, transportation card with credit, pocket-sized language guide, personal notebook and business cards.


4. Orientation presentation. There’s no better way to get an introduction to living and working in China than an informative orientation session at the Beijing office. This orientation will facilitate your living here. You’ll also get a chance to meet and network with other interns, do some ice-breaking activities and head out for some site seeing.


5. Work placement. We will arrange your internship placement according to your major and your interests; On your first day of work, we will accompany you to work, introduce you to people you need to know and help you get oriented with your new workplace.


6. Apartment arranged. During the Working period, we will provide accommodation for you to ensure you have a comfortable place to live in.


7. Chinese language training ( survival Chinese). Learning the survival Mandarin will not only help you to navigate daily life, but it’ll add an impressive boost to your resume when or if you return home.


8.City tours (weekends). Here we have lots of great places worthy to visit, we will organize some activities at weekends.  It’s time to meet your city and embrace what China has to offer.


9. On-site support. When you need help, don't hesitate to call us, we can offer the support for you when necessary.


10.Certificate upon completion.