Public Transportation

A nice advantage of the program  is that coming from abroad, the people at the airport meet our English-speaking member. Among other things, we issue a single person travel cards for public transport with the existing balance, which will last for a few days stay in China without worrying about the cost of public transport. This card is used in the subway, buses, trolley buses and public rental bikes. The most popular and convenient means of transportation in the city is the subway.


Beijing Subway is constantly growing , new branches and lengthening the existing ones. The fare ranges from 3 to 7 yuan per trip regardless of the distance and the number of  transfer stations. In the subway there is always a map and lots of signs in English , which is helpful to not get lost . Anyone who has a smart phone specially advised to download the app  electronic map of Beijing subway. Metro operates from 5:00 ... 5:30 ... 23:30 to 23:00 , depending on the station.


Yet Metro is not always convenient or closed for the night, then it is possible to catch a taxi. Taxi's regularly travel around the city in search of customers, we need only to wave our hand.Necessary to consider that finding an English-speaking taxi driver almost impossible. In a wind shield in front of the taxi have  red lights mark 空车 (empty car). Sitting in a taxi the driver turn off the light mark with this sign and is automatically enable taximeter, by which you can determine the cost of the trip. The boarding cost of a taxi in Beijing, 13 yuan,wich pays for  the first 3 km.then 2.30 yuan per kilometer. From 23:00 to 5:00 there is night fare, in which the initial cost of the trip 14.4 yuan. We should also mention 黑 车 (black car) - it is the illegal taxis that are active around subway stops and at night on the roads. With that, they obviously do not pay any taxes or report to employers for their services, paradoxically, more expensive than the official taxi. Before sitting in, you have to pre-negotiate the price with the driver usually very arrogant, that already turn off the desire to use their "services".


In addition to the subway and taxis throughout the city there is buses and trolleybuses. At all stops marked all routes marked, which is very convenient, but it is necessary to know the name of your station. This is the cheapest form of public transport - the price starts at 0.4 yuan, depending on the route and distance of travel.
These are the most common forms of public transport. There are also tricycles scooters and public bicycles, but they are much less foreigners.