Landmarks Of Beijing

Great Wall

For person who has never been here this is probably the only thing that is uniquely associated with China. Most large-scale protective structure, which even modern buildings still can not beat. Land Wall of China in Badaling was the first to open to tourists, so it is visited by many leading political and cultural figures. Until now, the Chinese wall in Badaling is more visited than in other places,distnace from Beijing (just 70 km) and the amazing preservation of the original form of the wall, as well as spectacular views of the mountain landscape. To get to the Great Wall in Badaling you can take the morning excursion buses, departing from Tiananmen. The cost 40yuan. Opening hours from 7.00 to 18.00.

Lama Temple

Despite the fact that the rapid spread of atheism in China, Buddhism is still the main religion in China. Lama Temple is a valid lamasery, numbering about 1,000 rooms in which there are all kinds of Buddhist relics. In almost every room there are Buddha statues by Chinese artists of all time and the most famous statue of Buddha made of jade is 25 meters in height. And, of course, in the Lama Temple, we again witness the amazing Chinese architecture. To reach the temple, you can take the metro to the station YongHeGong Lama Temple, line 2 exit C and line 5 exit C, then walk 400 meters to the south gate of the temple. Opening hours from 9.00 to 16.00. It costs about 30 yuan.

Summer Palace

one of the largest and most beautiful park complexes in Beijing. The park, which occupies 280 hectares, The park contain remarkable Suzhou street, separated by a small channel, which is surrounded by many souvenir shops and small cafes offering fragrant local cuisine; You can also see the colorful pagoda of traditional Chinese architecture, which, being on a hill, beautiful views of the surrounding Beijing; and, perhaps, the most remarkable part of the Summer Palace is a man-made lake of Kunming, occupies 2/3 of the entire complex, surrounded by green willow and the moon cross  bridges. During summer, you can ride in a small boat for two people or larger boats along with other tourists. To get to the Summer Palace, you can take the metro to BeiGongMen or XiYuan station, line 4. The price is about 60 yuan. Opening hours from November to March 7.00-17.00, and from April to October from 6.30-18.00

Temple Of Heaven 

one of the most famous attractions of Beijing, located in the city center. The park is ideal for walks in all seasons. The main attraction of the park is the Hall of Prayer of harvest with blue tiled roof, and tourists are attracted by its unusual Whispers Wall where whispers mysteriously reflected and amplified. This park - the best place in Beijing, where you can see live traditional Chinese exercises, such as Tai Chi morning exercises, calligraphy, water looms characters, people fly kites or just musicians and lovers of ballroom dancing. To reach the park, you can take the metro to TianTanDongMen station, line 5, exit A. Opening hours from 6.00 to 22.00. It costs about 30 yuan.

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square is the largest square in the world, although during national holidays on it is going to be many people, it can be said without embellishment, as if it can fit a small town. The Forbidden City, a place that I want to see now only because of the name. The famous palace complex, in the court lived and ruled the 24 Chinese emperor's who became accessible to all visitors from the end of the 20th century. Forbidden City is an example of traditional Chinese architecture and is still imbued with the spirit of the old, not yet modernized China. To get to the Forbidden City, you can take the metro to Tiananmen East Station, Line 1, or to QianMen Station, line 2. The entry fee is 40 yuan. Opening hours from 8.30 to 17.00.