+Where are the Job positions and can I choose where I will be placed?

Wob placements are located throughout.  We encourage participants to ask for a specific location,position,accomodation type and we try our best to meet your preferences, but please keep in mind that we can only make placements according to companies’ availability and acceptance. The more flexible you are about that, the better. Please note that major cities (i.e.: Beijing and Shanghai) are more competitive , so they prefer more experienced and flexible candidates who can come to China ASAP and stay for long period.

However, we will do our best to meet your location and position type and accommodation type, and encourage you to keep an open mind and be flexible for your internship.


+Where can I live?

We will pre-arrange your accommodations prior to your arrival in China.  Our program  include a shared room or home stay  and private apartment.  All accommodations are modern with Western facilities. Most are equipped with telephones, TV, hot water, and an internet connection.  Kitchen and bathroom areas are shared with other residents of the apartments in case its not private apartment.


+How long can I work in China?

The program minimum is one year contract and can last as much as you desire. Please note that most employers prefer to train and retain their workers for a longer period of time versus shorter period.


+What type of visa assistance do we provide?

For arrival L visa (tourist visa) should be sufficient.  Later we help you to apply work visa (Z) or business visa (M)

This will require an invitation letter from our company. Visa requirements and restrictions change frequently, so please check with your local Chinese embassy to learn about current requirements.  

Please note that any visa fees and applications are the responsibility of the applicant.  And, while we can assist you during the process, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate visa for your work experience.


+What are the language requirements?

Chinese language skills are helpful but not required for positions.  If you would like to take  Chinese language classes, please just let our representative know and we will be happy to arrange this for you. 


+What are the working conditions?

Your work schedule will be assigned by your employer, but general info is listed in teach in china page. 

Each employer has its own working and schedule arrangement that you should be willing to accept. Of course you are encouraged to travel, but please consult with your employer to see if you can organize a schedule that will be effective for all parties involved. 


+What should I wear or bring to China?

This depends on your placment location. We recommend that you dress with a ‘smart casual’ attitude.


+Can I live with a friend or partner?

Yes, you can enroll in this program with other people, however, please note that positions may be limited within a company. If we cannot find you an job together with the same school, we will try our best to organize your placements in the same area. We can arrange your accommodations together in a double occupancy, or organize single rooms in the same area. Additionally, we encourage you to travel and explore your world with others. This enhances your experience and memories, and you can be rewarded for referring others to travel.


+How long will it take to make my placement?

We ask applicants to apply at least  2 weeks in advance of your desired start date.The placement may take less time than this, but we want to ensure that we have enough time to find a great placement for you!


+What can I do if I have a problem or complaint within my work placement?

You must speak to your employer or manager to give them an opportunity to explain or investigate the situation. If the complaint still exists, then please contact your bi-lingual local representative in China, as well as let us know so we can mediate on your behalf.  Please note that you will be assigned a local representative that will provide you assistance in case of need.


+Is there someone I may speak to about their experience on this program,and being abroad?

Yes, we have a network of current and past teachers that are happy to communicate with you. Due to confidentiality, please contact us to receive a list of names and contact information about participants  that have agreed to be contacted by others.


+How many people have taken part in our programs? Where do they come from?
So far, JayRay has welcomed more than a thousand people from no less than 38 different countries, namely Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium,Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France,Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania,Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland,Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden,Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey and the USA.

+Kindergarten? I'm a nanny ?

No one in the kindergarten does not force you to clean up after the children, and so on.For this there is Chinese teachers with you all the time and asistant. Your job is to play with the children and to create for them  English language environment



+If there is only 1-2 lessions per day what should i do in the rest of the time?

In fact in the rest of the time , play with children , and if possible try to communicate with them in English . Your task is to comment on everything that happens around. For example , "Everybody, go wash your hands", "Let's go outside!", "It's a music class".

+Is there a way to make extra money ?

In addition to the basic work you have the opportunity to make extra money in the evenings and / or weekends. Usually , in such places payment is per hour . 140-400 yuan ( $ 21 - $ 60 ) per hour .

+What is the total amount of all expenses ? How much money i need on arrival in China ?

The program dont cover your costs on flight tickets but after completing the contract you will be granted a bonus is sum of 6,000RMB which usually cover the cost of your flight . The 1 year visa costs about 800rmb, ticket prices vary greatly depending on the season and the city of departure.  

except visa and flight ticket and daliy meals and necessities like tooth paste and ect so you need to plan your budget.

+Do I need special education and / or certificates ?

No. We do not care about your education  or your existing certificates because some of the positions are in kindergartens, If you have them - that is  a strong plus and we can place you in primary,Middle,High schools with higher benefits.

We do care  about your actual skills and willingness to work with children and outgoing personality.

+What guarantees that the workplace will be provided ? Is there a chance that I will come , and will not work ?

If we give you the go-ahead to come to China, the chances are that you will be out of work completely excluded ! 100 % employment ! We have hundreds of study institutions with whom we have entered into stable contracts . New vacancies appear every day .

+Do i sign a contract for and where?

The contract will be signed up after arrival in China, because we are based on a constant basis is in Beijing.

If you want see the Benefits and Requirements just go the Benefits and Requirements page on our website,

or contact us on any specific question.

+Would you take away my passport ?

So many industries working with foreigners take away passports of their employees as a tool of control and possible blackmail. We are not one of them ! Your passport will always be with you. Your passport will be always in your possesion unless you want to apply for the working visa(Z) in this case the relevant  PSB (Public security Berau) will hold your passport for a time of 2 weeks until 4 weeks during the application process until your working visa will be completed.

+Is it safe in China?

China - one of the safest countries in crime aspect , especially against foreigners , is almost entirely absent. You 'll never feel so safe as in China .

+Whats the length of the contract  ?

Standard contract is signed for one year. At the end of the annual contract  the teacher has the opportunity to extend it for another year and so on.

+When do you pay the salary ?

In China, the salary is paid once a month . Our teachers are paid by bank transfer to the local Chinese card or cash, which we will help you to create . This is your card and the pin code only for you and only you know it . Standard salary is paid on the 16th of the preceding month , If you start working on September 1 you get your first paycheck on October 16 for the days worked in September. 

+Do I have to pay taxes on wages ?

No! These paid by us. you dont have to pay any taxes.