Private Apartments

The Apartments are located in residential buildings. These apartments are simple but furnished and well-equipped.

Utilities are included in the rent and the rent excludes the meals.


Living in a private apartment is the best solution for whoever would like to stay in Beijing for a long term. You will enjoy your privacy and quiet.

Shared Apartments

The Apartments are located inresidential buildings. These apartments are simple but furnished and well-equipped

with own separate bed for individual use in a shared apartment. Utilities are included in the rent and therent excludes the meals.

Sharing an apartment is a good way to meet new friends and improve your communication skills with other international people.
These apartments are fully furnished, with clean and modern kitchen and bathroom, living room and bedroom, including washing machine, refrigerator, wardrobe, table, TV, internet access etc. 24-hour hot water.



Home Stay

This option gives you a chance to live in a Chinese family, this way the teacher can get food for free and other benefits living with locals, but they also need to have some English lessons for the family.

If you would like to dive deeply into the Chinese culture and known how a Chinese family lives, home-stay must be your choice. You will have the opportunity to learn Chinese language faster. The Chinese families, normally, are willing to accept Native English Speaker to have a mutual benefit.


All host families are well selected keeping in mind some important issues such as: accessibility, location, safety and host family friendliness. The host family will provide your private room and two or three meals per day. Host families are carefully monitored and they must pass a detailed application process and interview before being accepted as an eligible host family.